Creamed Cucumber. Chanterelle. Egg.

 Preparation time: Approx. 30 min.
 For 4 persons, breakfast / snack
 Difficulty: Medium
1 field cucumber, grated or cut in pins
250g sour cream
Salt, pepper
A good handful of chanterelle
A few drops of oil for frying
5 Eggs
Flour, breadcrumbs
A few drops of vinegar
Watercress to taste
Special equipment
Aus der Region
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Sunday morning is usually the time to take everything a bit slower. Get up later. Music for breakfast. Read the newspaper. The real one. Made of paper.


And, of course, eat with friends. Extend breakfast into the early afternoon. You can delight yourself and your loved ones with a basically very simple recipe. And whenever fresh chanterelles come into the kitchen and it begins to smell wonderful, like after a walk in the woods, the day can come and go.


Suddenly, a soft egg becomes a crisp experience.


You do not have to try. But you absolutely should.



Creamed Cucumber  


„Like a culinary air-conditioning system,“ says Niki Segnit. Correct. And even in Styria, the region of Austria I come from, we know: Cucumber and sour cream cool even the hottest days down by at least 5 degrees. A strong pinch of salt puts the grated cucumber to rest. Every tiny molecule, however small, must be bound. Just let it stand and let it work by itself. After 20 minutes the spook is over. Drain the superfluous cucumber water. In a bowl the spoon stirs the sour cream creamy, the pressed clove of garlic gives a zing. A tiny splash of lemon raises the acid. Salt and pepper at the end. Oh no, don’t forget the cucumber.


Chanterelle (“Eierschwammerl”)


A soft brush frees the mushroom from the forests remains. Zapp. If necessary, a small sharp knife helps. No water. Otherwise, the Chanterelle become a sponge. Roast in very little hot oil a few minutes.


Baked Eggs  


Tiny drops of vinegar fall into the water and bring it to a real boil. It bubbles cheerfully. A huge ladle sinks the egg. Wait five minutes. Then it is perfect. Freeze for another two minutes in ice water.


Now remove the peel carefully. Hard outside, soft inside.


A backward roll in the flour. Then pull it through the whisked egg and finally give it a bath in the breadcrumbs. The thermometer says 170 degrees. The oil is just right. Ease the egg into the oil slowly with a skimmer. Watch the excited bubbles while they dance. The goldenbrown color of the outside of the egg is the sign to take it out. Lay it on a kitchen crepe.


Breathe. Serve.


If you don’t have a thermometer, dip the handle of a wooden cooking spoon into the hot fat. If small bubbles form around it, the temperature is reached. Caution, it should never smoke.

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