Grandma’s chicken soup: The best companion in the autumn

 Preparation time: approx. 120 min. (including cooking time)
 For 4 people
 Difficulty: Easy
6 chicken parts (f.i. legs)
3 carrots
1/2 celery root
2 yellow onion
1/2 leek
2 tsp juniper berries
3 bay leaves
4 whole cloves
2 carrots, cut in small cubes
1/2 celery, finely diced
1/2 leek
Soup noodles or barley
Special equipment
Tea filter (empty) + Kitchen thread (optional)
From the region
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Sometimes you ask yourself how you can handle all this.
And then you go on! With grandma’s chicken soup.
Hurray, the autumn is here, golden light and bright colors also bring us runny noses and colds. And how. With trumpets and timpani.
The last days were terrible. The nights too. If you are too exhausted to continue sleeping in the morning, you need a doctor. Or at least a good pharmacy. I visited both, and managed the week. And now I don’t need drugs anymore to open my eyes. Yesss!
Obviously the kitchen staid cold. Or the husband cooked. I barely remember. Towards the end of the week, higher spirits finally returned. Very timid and shy at first.  The spirits brought desire for substantial food. For food that is intense enough for the glued nose to smell something like taste.
Grandma’s chicken soup is just the right choice.
It is powerful and encouraging. Being sick is optional.

1. For the chicken soup, wash the chicken pieces and set aside. Wash and roughly separate the vegetables. Cut the onion into two halves and stud it with the cloves.

2. Fill the spices into a tea filter and wrap a kitchen yarn around it. They can be easily removed at the end of the cooking time. Should you not have tea filters at home – not a problem. The spices can easily be separated when the chicken soup is strained.

3. Place all ingredients in a large enough pot and cover well with cold water (about 2 liters). Bring to a boil. Then turn the temperature down, so that the liquid bubbles softly but does not boil.


4. During the first few minutes carefully lift off the foam with the skimmer, this will keep your chicken soup from getting turbid.


5. Allow to cook for about 70 minutes. Remove the soup, remove the cooked vegetables. Skin the chicken parts and tear the tender meat with the fork into pieces.


6. For the soup add-ins, cut the vegetables into small cubes and boil the soup noodles in salt water.


7. 7. Add the add-ins to the soup. Garnish with chives.


The chicken soup can be frozen and defrosted as required.

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