Cinnamon-Apple Cake

Heavenly Cinnamon-Apple Cake

 Preparation time: Approx. 90 min. (Including baking time)
 fFor 1 cake mold (24 cm)
 Difficulty: Easy
Short Pastry
250g flour (smooth)
1 teaspoon baking powder
120g  butter (cold)
1 egg
40g honey
560 ml apple juice
50g honey
60g corn starch
3/4 kg apples
pulp of a vanilla pod
1 teaspoon cinnamon
125 ml cream
cinnamon to taste
Special Equipment
From the region
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The region of Styria is Austria’s apple orchard, apples are simply everywhere. 
If one were to string together the harvested apples of Eastern Styria alone, it would result in an apple-street from Weiz to Beijing. Pretty impressive for such a small fruit.
My grandparents, of course, also had apple trees in their garden. 
When harvest time came, we left the house with fruit pickers and picked, reaped and lifted until the last apple had landed in the baskets. 
For us children that was giant fun!
From all these apples we harvested, grandmothers kitchen then baked, blended, pressed, leavened and cooked apple-vinegar, apple-cider, apple juice, apple-strudel, apple-cake, and apple marmalade. 
The leftover apples were then stored in boxes for the cold season in the basement.
To this day the apple is one of my favorite fruits and I use it mostly for apple-strudel or apple cake. 
If I have little time, I prepare my Tuscan Apple Cake
But having been invited by friends the following week, I saw a simple, but somewhat prettier apple-cake before my inner eye .
And so I slightly adapted an old recipe for a simple apple cake and baked my declaration of love to the harvest time.
A truly heavenly apple cake.


1. For the short pastry, mix the flour with baking powder. Quickly add the cold butter in pieces, the honey and the egg. Form a ball and wrap it in a clear film. Refrigerate.

2. For the filling, cut the apples into smaller cubes. Steam the apple pieces in a bit of water with the cinnamon for 3 minutes, lid closed. Set aside.

3. Place the apple juice in a pot and boil. Peel the vanilla pod and add the pulp to the apple juice. Add the honey. Then let the corn starch trickle in slowly while constantly stirring, and slowly boil, until a firmer consistency – comparable to pudding – develops. Remove from the stove and carefully stir in the apple pieces.

4. Grease the cake mold. Roll the short pastry dough on a floured surface. Fill the cake mold with it. Remove the remaining pastry residues and use later for the cake edge.

5. Place the apple mixture on the bottom of the cake and bake for about 55 minutes at 170 degrees. Allow the cake to cool before serving, and decorate it with the whipped cream, then dust with cinnamon.


If you want to prepare the cake for the next day, leave out the topping and whip up the cream with cream stiffener just before serving  – this lets it look prettier for a longer period of time.

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