Not new, just different

There are dreams that just don’t love you back.


Life is not always fair to us. Life happens while we think about which direction to take. Or while we have our first coffee in the morning. And even as the world stops to turn, we hold our breath to grasp what has happened.


Each of us remembers the moments that changed our lives.


The decisive ones. The ones that question everything or seem to be the answer to a longing. The first kiss. The first loss. These are the moments that shape us and turn us into who we are. And force us to ask ourselves who we are and want to be.

When life is not fair to us we feel helpless towards the things we can not change. This powerlessness swashes over us like a monstrous wave and pulls us down, to where it is still and dark. This vacuum has nothing consoling. It’s just there.Weightless. Breathless. In this distress, thoughts seem to reorganize themselves and change the view of the world. What is important? Who is important? Am I right?


The colorful glass window, which so far has made us look at the world as we knew it, floats past us in broken parts. Until we have the strength again to pick up a piece and look at it in another light. Reassembling this window costs strength. And in some moments we notice that parts that have felt so coherent before just don’t want to fit together anymore.


Once arrived at this point, we can create a new picture. Maybe develop a different perspective upon oneself, the world and the window through which we look. And in the end the only thing we are responsible for is how this new image of the world looks to us.


My picture is not new. Just different. And so is this blog. It has accompanied me for so many years, and just belongs to me.

What’s New?
The focus. The ingredients and dishes, mainly from Austria, have taken even more center stage.
Basic recipes and tutorials are designed to help you loose the reservation towards trying things out yourself. Not only for the result, but also for the sake of the process. Doing things yourself changes the perception and meaning of the ingredients and the dishes. What is inside? What do you taste? It does not have to be complicated when it comes to self-made.
In this blog you will still be able to read stories. From me, from places, from ingredients and products.  And last but not least – Mei liabste Speis’ food is now available in English. Thanks Andrea, for your help.
Is everything ready?
No. Simply and definitely, no. But at some point you have to jump in at the deep end and go online. Please, be lenient. I can’t wait to have feedback about what doesn’t work, should work better and in general know if you like it, or what else you might wish for.
Enjoy browsing. Your Eva.
Mosaic stones for the new look
Christoph Hörbat, the tinkerer and miracle worker.
Amelie Chapalain, the observer through the lens when I am in the picture.
Silvia, the friend and buyer of the most important airline ticket of this year.
Steffen, Steffen, the best husband.
Annika, Annika, the most beautiful mosaic stone in my picture.
Emily. You are missing and are motivation.
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