Durum wheat pasta – step by step instructions for Orecchiette!

  Preparation period: ca. 60 Min. (incl. resting time)
  for 1 Person, basic recipe, main dish, intermediate course
  degree of difficulty: easy
100 g durum wheat per person (fine grinding stage, type 405 or finer)
lukewarm water
Special equipment
From the region
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„When we have discovered the beauty of simplicity, when we see that there is a comprehensive, absolutely beguiling order which we all follow and which we can understand, everything suddenly appears in another light. We then only see the complication as unachieved simplicity, as the lost beauty of the whole. „
(Peter Steiner)

If this thought were a dish, he would well wish to be an Orecchiette pasta. The “small ears“, as the name implies, from Southern Italy, are so easy to prepare that even children can make them. And it does not require more than two ingredients.
When we prepare Orecchiette at home, we usually do it together. Divided and rolled into long snakes, each one takes a butter knife, cuts off a piece and rolls the dough into its unmistakable shape.

Each piece is unique.
Ready to become steaming bliss.



1. Take a wooden board and pour onto it the durum wheat depending on the number of people. Now add water and knead until a velvety paste is formed.

2. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes, or even overnight.

3. Sprinkle the wooden board with some hard wheat. Cut the dough into pieces of the same size and roll it into snakes. Take a butter knife and with its back roll the dough piece toward you. This results in that striking roughened surface the sauce can marvelously cling to. Use the finger to form a trough.

It’s even more fun together.


The finished noodles can also be dried and stored for some time in sealed glasses. Simply let them dry at room temperature on the board covered with some semolina. Do not forget to turn. When the noodles are well dried, pour into the glasses and enjoy anytime. Combine with flavorful sauces, for example a sugo made from tomatoes and bacon.

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